3. CGI interaction of MapServer#

So far, you can only view maps before creating maps. The general meaning of creating a Web mapping application is to create a map that can be changed by the user (the application). In other words, a user can change the content (or information) of the map. To do this, you need to use the MapServer HTML template.

The application will be interactive and allow users to zoom and roam the map image. You will see how to generate scale bars and legends, and how to embed valid information in the output HTML (similar to the size of the map and the coordinates of the mouse click). In other words, you will generate a “real” map application for the first time.

Also, in addition to being dynamic, scaleable maps also exhibit more ways of presenting detail in different ways.

This section explains more about the interoperation of CGI. Query function is also an important function of MapServer. But the design of MapServer is old, and the query function is clumsy to use. Only a simple description, more query functions, described in the later section of the map service.