8.1. About Beginning MapServer#

An example of this section is from “Beginning MapServer”.

8.1.1. Instruction of Beginning MapServer#

Beginning MapServer: Open source GIS development is the first book of its kind. It provides a comprehensive introduction to MapServer, a development platform that integrates map mapping technology into Internet applications. You will learn how to build and extend dynamic applications using popular languages such as PHP, Perl, and Python. After you have detailed the installation and configuration, you will discover the basic Mapserver themes and examples. You will also learn about advanced MapServer features. How to query dynamic data and incorporate it into your application. This book ends with the creation of an actual map application.

The book’s URL: https://www.apress.com/cn/book/9781590594902 .

Introduction on Douban Reading: https://book.douban.com/subject/1756263/ .

The code for this book is hosted on Github at Apress/beg-mapserver< /a> . The data and code used in the book can be found in the code base.

8.1.2. Online operating environment#

In order to facilitate learning and use, an online running environment is established in this section, and the more complex case configurations in the book are run. The original book was published in 2005. Up to now, MapServer has undergone major changes, and some modifications are inevitable in order to run. In addition, for the convenience of use, some text descriptions will also be added.

The first example in the book is relatively simple, modified during the development of the website as an example of the website, and is not repeated here.