2.2. Use GetMap to generate slices#

Here to see the basic principles of map tiles.

2.2.1. Show map slices using an HTML table#

The following one uses four maps to stitch together into a larger map. To illustrate the problem, an HTML table was used and four tiles were placed in table cells in the appropriate locations.

The parameters passed to MapServer list in the following table.

BBOX=20,10,80,60 BBOX=80,10,140,60
BBOX=20,-40,80,10 BBOX=80,-40,140,10

2.2.2. Seamless stitching with DIV#

The other way is to seamlessly “splicing” the four images together. The effect is as follows, which is basically the actual effect of the current map tile. It looks like a map, actually consisting of four frames.

Here show the different result.