1.4. Release remote sensing images#

Let’s take a look at how to publish a three-band remote sensing image.

1.4.1. Conceptual differences between image, icon and picture#

Visualizations acquired by satellites or other sensor equipment are generally referred to as “image” rather than “icon.” The concept of “icon” has a broader connotation, and “image” is a kind of “icon”. Image and fihure together constitute the icon world. “Image” mainly refers to the replica image world formed by photography, television, film, digital imaging, computer painting, and network image, and of course, it also includes remote sensing means.

“Picture” refers to the flat media composed of graphics, images, etc. Note the definition here that “icon” is not a kind of “picture”. First of all, the picture is a medium (or medium) that actually exists (can be electronic); in addition, it is flat. “picture” is a form of expression of “icon”.

1.4.2. Add remote sensing image#

Similar to the Mapfile structure used earlier, but you need to define a remote sensing image data source:

 2    EXTENT -180 -90 180 90
 3    SIZE 600 300
 4    SHAPEPATH "/gdata"
 5    LAYER
 6        NAME "topo"
 7        DATA "land_shallow_topo_8192.tif"
 8        STATUS OFF
 9        TYPE RASTER
10    END

../geodata specified as MapServer will look for the base directory of the spatial dataset. The initial map range is determined by the coordinates of the specified southwest and northeast corners.

Here is the result: